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How Laser Hair Removal Is Better Than Traditional Hair Removal?

How Laser Hair Removal Is Better Than Traditional Hair Removal? 150 150 brooklynbeautylounge

The removal of facial hair or body hair is the necessity and preferred by all the individuals. The traditional hair removal methods like shaving creams and waxing are left aside with the emergence of laser treatment. 

Yes, laser hair removal! But are you aware of what is making every individual praise this ultimate hair removal technique? You might have also heard that it is a pricey, painful, and long-term process. But do you know it’s actual benefits and long-lasting results which shaving or waxing always lacked in?

Here below are listed the benefits and reasons that make it a clear yes to laser treatment for hair removal rather than opting for those painful waxing and non-effective shaving methods. Let’s get started.

Convenience At Its Best

Laser hair removal treatment comes with convenience in various aspects. Want to know? This treatment is best to remove several hairs on a large body surface. However, the procedure may take 10 minutes to half an hour for hair removal, depending on the body area you need to be treated. Further, along with the positive response of many clients that the procedure is not painful, the treatment is indulged with a gentle pinch feeling and giving a little tingling sensation. Now, nothing can be more convenient and comfortable than this when it comes to hair removal.

Precise Treatment

Nobody likes those messy and black hairs on any part of the body. The ingrown hairs are the most frustrating and uncomfortable of all and also, the best time for hair removal is when they are in the anagen stage. Laser hair removal focuses on hair follicles, heat them up, and prevents them from growing further. However the highly-skilled and well-trained professionals at the reputable salons make this treatment easier and get you rid of that unwanted hair.


Being introduced in the year 1997, hair removal lasers emerged as permanent hair removal practice offering long-lasting results. However, it can not be said that it removes the hair fully but surely removes the hair to a great extent if you stick to treatment for about 2-3 months. 

Now, if we talk about traditional methods like waxing then it does not remove the hair roots and is an extremely painful procedure as well. Also, there are various risks of causing a lot of skin problems including, burning, redness, sensitivity, and more. However, the laser removal process removes the hair safely giving you long-lasting results and less pain. Similarly, if it is about shaving then it might be the convenient hair removal method but comes with more side-effects than benefits. It only removes the upper hair on the skin surface and not the hair follicles making them grow hair with more speed.

So, these are some of the major differences between laser and traditional hair removal methods. However, if you are constantly searching for beauty salons near me then visiting us at Brooklyn Beauty Lounge would be the right decision. We provide all types of beauty treatments from spa treatments, teeth whitening, makeup to nail care services. So, what are you waiting for? Come and explore what we can do for you in improving your overall appearance.