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Laser Hair Removal

We are excited to offer the latest in the hair removal industry. Our state-of-the art FDA-approved CANDELA GENTLE MAX PRO hair removal machine provides cutting edge technology that combines a powerful and the ever popular 755nm alexandrite wavelength laser along with the 1064nm YAG to provide you with optimal hair removal results regardless of skintone.

This powerful machine can be applied to the widest ranging skin tones from light to dark skin alike with ease. One of the greatest benefits of our machines is that they are virtually pain free (depending on area of course), and very effective with results with as little as one session. A full body single session can be completed in around 45  minutes.

These advanced laser machines are used in some of the most prestigious medical clinics all over the world. Our machine manufacturers have years of experience within the industry. You can feel confident and comfortable that the final result will be a permanent solution to hair removal. Stop struggling with unwanted hair or the pain of plucking or waxing and irritation from shaving. We offer a free consultation to help you better understand your individual needs and we are confident we will deliver the results you desire!

  • Nose, lips, ears, areolas, toes, fingers, midbrow

    1 Session $25

    Pack of 3 $70

    Pack of 6 $130

    Pack of 12 $240

    Belly button trail, forehead, cheeks, armpits, knees, lip + chin, neck

    1 Session $45

    Pack of 3 $125

    Pack of 6 $230

    Pack of 12 $420

    Bikini line, full face, shoulders, half arms, half legs, full neck, lower back, buttocks

    1 Session $70

    Pack of 3 $190

    Pack of 6 $360

    Pack of 12 $700

    Brazilian, full arms, full abdomen

    1 Session $95

    Pack of 3 $265

    Pack of 6 $475

    Pack of 12 $1,000

    Chest, full legs, full back

    1 Session $110

    Pack of 3 $310

    Pack of 6 $495

    Pack of 12 $1,055

    Bikini, full legs, full arms, full face, belly line, underarms

    1 Session $250

    Pack of 6 $1,200

    Every inch of your body

    1 Session $350

    Pack of 6 $1,800




You don’t have to keep spending money on painful plucking, tweezing, sugaring, or waxing.


Quick and Accurate Treatment

A single session can be complete in around 1 hour and with pin point precision.

Different skin tones

For All Skin Type

Our machine offers 2 different wavelengths (755nm and 1064nm) which allows us to provide laser hair removal to any skin tone with ease.


Minimal Discomfort

A cooling applicator puff allows us to provide powerful hair removal with minimal pain and discomfort.


Permanent Results

With this machine and our experienced and licensed technicians we will make sure you are satisfied with your permanent hair removal procedure.

What to Expect

Session 1
After your first session you will see hair begin to shed in around 7-14 days.
Session 2
You will notice your hair will begin to grow back at a much slower pace.
Session 3
Your hair will become thinner and lighter when growth occurs. You will notice you will have to shave less frequently.
Session 4
The hair follicles will begin to get smaller which will not allow larger hairs to grow.
Session 5
Uncomfortable ingrown hair and irritation from shaving will be greatly reduced.
Session 6
While you may still may have to still come for a few more sessions at this stage you will find that you no longer have to come nearly as often as you did before. This is typically done for maintenance purposes to make sure all the stubborn hairs are removed and that it stays that way.

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