Brows & Lashes - Brooklyn Beauty Lounge
  • Lash Extentions $110 – $180

    Russian volume eyelash extensions to create a full and beautiful look

    Classic Lash Fill-in $90 – $160

    Lash Extension Removal $20 – $30

    Lash Lift $100

    A process that lifts your natural lashes

    Lash Lift & Filler$120

    A lash lift that adds a combination nutrients and vitamins to keep them healthy

    Eyebrow Architecture $25

    Eyebrow Tinting $25

    A temporary eyebrow coloring that will fill in your eyebrows to make it appear more full

    Eyebrow Tweezing/Correction $25

    A temporary eyebrow coloring with shaping

    Eyelash Lamination $60

    A eyebrow keratin treatment that straightens the hair in one direction which create thicker looking eyebrows

    * Prices may vary based on complexity and time.


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