• Haircut $35 – $60

    Childrens's Haircut $25 – $30

    Blowout $30 – $45

    A luxurious blowout which includes a wash, blow dry and hair styling

    Braids $35 – $60

    A beautiful braided hairstyle or colorful hair pieces woven into your hair

    Root Color $60

    A coloring process specifically for the roots of your hair 

    Single Process Coloring $80 – $120

    A new single hair color applied to your hair to provide a new base color

    Highlights $150 – $200

    Our salon professionals provide high lighting/low lighting which changes a person's hair color, using lighteners to color strands of hair

    Toner $40

    Toner neutralizes brassy yellow and orange tones on bleached hair and is applied in many balayage and hair coloring techniques

    Balayage $180 – $250

    Our professionals provide a freehand European coloring technique called air touch balayage that will make your hair look beautiful, light and airy. 

    Hair Lamination $80

    Laminates your hair by giving it an unparalleled shine and sheen. 

    Olaplex® Restoration $75

    This process protects hair from damage all while repairing your hair 

    Hair Botox $200 – $300

    We use a hair Botox that provides a deep conditioning treatment that coats hair fibers with a filler. The treatment fills in any broken or thin areas on each hair strand to make hair appear more full.

    Updo $60 – $150

    Our expert stylists know how to create that perfect updo for a prom, birthday, party or any occasion

    Wedding Updo $150 – $200

    An expertly crafted updo tailored to your individual face that will elevate your appearance on your special day

    100% Human Hair Extensions **

    We use the finest Slavic hair available for our nano cold fusion extensions. You will be able to see and feel the difference.

    * Prices may vary based on complexity and time.
    ** Consultation required.
  • Gel Manicure $60

    Our signature gel manicure using a specially formulated rubber base

    Gel Pedicure $65

    Our signature gel pedicure using a rubber base

    VIP Manicure $80

    VIP Pedicure $85

    Regular Manicure $45

    Regular Pedicure $55

    LCN Gel Extensions $120

    An ultra hard gel nail extensions

    LCN Gel Fill-In $95

    An LCN hard gel fill-in

    VIP LCN Fill-In $115

    VIP Gel Mani and Gel Pedi $155

    Save time by getting your manicure and pedicure done at the same time!

    VIP Gel Mani and Regular Pedi $145

    Save time by getting your manicure and pedicure done at the same time!

    Nail Repair/ $5 – $10/nail
    Single Extension

    Gel/Acrylic Removal $5 – $30

    French Design $15

    Foil Design $5

    Ombré Design $20 – $25

    A blended gradient finish

    Chrome Finish $15 – $25

    Matte Finish $10

    Cat Eye Finish $15

    Using magnets, we create a galactic effect like no other

    Paraffin Treatment $15

    A luxurious wax hand or foot bath to soften even the toughest skin

    Custom Nail Art $5 – $35 per nail

    Our salon nail artists can create the design of your dreams

    * Prices may vary based on complexity and time.
  • Day & Evening Makeup $100 – $120

    Makeup with Lashes $120 – $140

    Bridal Makeup Trial $100 – $150

    Bridal Makeup $150 – $180

    Wedding makeup done to perfection

    Permanent Eyebrows $300 – $350

    A natural powder permanent cosmetic effect

    Permanent Eyebrows $175 – $200

    Permanent Lip Tattoo $300 - $350

    Add permanent color to accentuate your lips

    Permanent Eyebrows $150 – $200
    & Lips Touch-up

    Permanent Eyeliner $200 – $300

    Permanent Eyeliner $100 – $200

    * Prices may vary based on complexity and time.
  • Lash Extentions $100 – $170

    Russian volume eyelash extensions to create a full and beautiful look

    Classic Lash Fill-in $90 – $150

    Lash Extension Removal $20 – $30

    Lash Lift $100

    A process that lifts your natural lashes

    Lash Lift & Filler$120

    A lash lift that adds a combination nutrients and vitamins to keep them healthy

    Eyebrow Architecture $20

    Eyebrow Tinting $20

    A temporary eyebrow coloring that will fill in your eyebrows to make it appear more full

    Eyebrow Tweezing/Correction $20

    A temporary eyebrow coloring with shaping

    Eyelash Lamination $50

    A eyebrow keratin treatment that straightens the hair in one direction which create thicker looking eyebrows

    * Prices may vary based on complexity and time.
  • Full Body Package $350

    Includes 3 large, 2 medium and 2 small areas

    Full Body - 6 sessions $1,700

    Best value

    Brazilian and Under Arms $110

    Full Legs and Full Arms $175

    Under Arms, Lip and Legs $150

    Full Back $85

    Lower Back $40

    Upper Back $40

    Full Legs $110

    Half Legs $60

    Chest $100

    Full Abdomen $60

    Scalp $100

    Buttocks $50 – $75

    Depending on area

    Full Brazilian $100

    Full Face $60

    Full Arms $80

    Under Arms $25

    Lower Arms $50

    Shoulders $40

    Happy Trail $30

    Neck $40

    Knees $25

    Bikini Line $40

    Lip $25

    Chin $30

    Cheek $40

    Forehead $30

    Fingers $15

    Toes $20

    Areolas $25

    Ears $25

  • Full Bikini $45

    Bikini $25

    Underarms $15

    Half Arms $20

    Full Arms $35

    Half Legs $30

    Full Legs $50

    Upper Lip $10

    Stomach $10

  • European Facial $100 – $150

    A customized detoxifying facial that will leave you feeling clean and clear

    Gold Facial Mask $150

    A luxurious 24k gold mask.

    Chemical Peel $100

    Rejuvenates your skin and removes any dead skin you may have

    HydraFacial $150

    A facial that cleans, exfoliates and extracts while infusing nutrients into the skin

    * Prices may vary based on complexity and time.
  • Custom Tan $60

    Anti-Aging Tan $60

    Competition Tan $140

    2 day process

    Spray Tan Package $275

    5 custom tan sessions
    To learn more about Spray Tan services provided at our studio, visit our partner’s website.
  • Express Teeth Whitening $135

    Brilliant Teeth Whitening $185

    To learn more about Teeth Whitening services provided at our studio, visit our partner’s website.


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